Coding is a lot like Plowing

I was recently reminded of the importance of shipping code.  In the same night I watched the latest episode in the series Silicon Valley I also watched an episode of Shark Tank.  In the tank Chris Sacca (Uber, Twitter etc)  said “Ideas Are Cheap Execution is Everything.”  Looking at the field and thinking about the myriad of things to plant is akin to all of the ideas that people generate and think hey that is easy.  Just hit the easy button.  Well there is a stratification that occurs in the industry.  There are three tiers:  (1) thinking or what I call though-ting – as in we have thought about that some time ago.  (2) Executing on the idea with shipping code (3) and the ultimate example – shipping code that goes to production and does not fail that amazes the end user whether enterprise or consumer.

Most sit there and look at the field and think “golly jee I have an idea!  I really have an idea!” Great.  Good for you.  So do millions of other people.  However for those that can take an idea and execute it to shipping code from an idea that many if not most think is impossible and have it run day in and day out this is the stuff that ideas2bank are built upon.  For those that have seen the latest episode I will just leave this here and for the few that truly and viscerally have experienced this at a worldwide level – I personally thank you. (Oh yea and that is a mean loop by San Holo – word on the lazy web says he is gonna drop the full version soon.) 5,4,3,2,1 – Ship It!

Until then,

Go Big or Go Home!


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