“With heart and hand I pledge you while I load my gun again, you will never be forgotten or the enemy forgiven, my good comrade.”

~ A.S.L.

As I just told the wife of Steven Swenson –  this evening  – I did not have the intention to write anything today.  As  I lifted weights this morning hoping they would lie to me concerning the poundage and watching the scenes of 9.11 – I remember 10 years ago – today – getting quite a different phone call four years after said terrorist  tragedy based on some theistic apparition. I hadn’t intended to write anything however many times intent can vacillate.  This vacillation was exacerbated by inquiry from a person who was wondering how a team came together eating steaks – so I answered him. Which in turn led him to comment “You should write a book.”  Yes well 10 years ago it was to be called “From The Valley To The Sea.”

Its been a decade.  Its time for some closure.   However one last little tidbit.

Sven: “Hey man i’m gonna cast off, you wanna take it down from San Juan to San Fran?”

Me: “Nah i gotta hit the road get on the tin bird.”

Sven:” So I’m gonna tell them I am leaving.”

Me: “Nah man dont do that just keep checking in the code via the wireless McGiver Rig”

(Note: Way pre ubiquitous wi-fi days)

Sven: “Think it will work?”

Me: “Sure I’ll run interference.”

In the book I’ll come clean on how I accomplished this…

This lasted 3 months before they found out…

So I was told its time to start writing.  One last thing before i sign off.  Roma, Leif and Gage – Steven would be very proud of all of you.

Oh yea and here is the Micgiver Rig… HAIL SVEN!

Its a Sven holding a Tampon.
Its a Sven holding a Tampon.

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