Well low and behold we have had input from the B L O G O S P H E R E (wherever the hell that is…) kinda like the great jukebox in the sky… I digress.  Gotta focus get things accomplished.  Busy is as Busy does you know… In any event we have a follow on, an incremental build if you will of the previous blog.  See Words That Do Not Mean Anything from my previous blog.  So had some input and little did I know that people are really pissed about this issue.  They are fed up!.  Yet they still fall into the same process and entrain into the local linguistics.  Monkey See – Monkey Do…  Without much ado about nothing here is the latest list…ah the collaborative nature of the open source world.  A list of phrases and worlds that do not mean anything a.k.a. Words That Don’t Mean Anything Volume # 2.


tim·ing (t-i-mng)

n. The regulation of occurrence, pace, or coordination to achieve a desired effect, as in music, the theater, athletics, or mechanics.

This in most cases, means that you want something done immediately but cannot justify telling the person that you do not really feel like doing it so you turn it over to them and tell them you need it in a “timely” manner.


swim·ming·ly (swmng-lee)

adv. With great ease and success

It is my understanding that this term had deeper contextual meaning as well as historical meaning but for the life of me I could never hear myself saying, “Its going swimmingly”.  If anyone has ever done any real swimming you will know why this is true.


ab·so·lute·ly (ahb-so-lute-lee)

adv. Definitely and completely; unquestionably.

An attempt at pseudo-passion when really you could care less.  Then they completely forget about it after the meeting.  Nice act.  Keep up the good work..


ef·fec·tive (e-fktv)

adj. Having an intended or expected effect.

I am going to shift to some phrases that I have heard over the years. Yes I know this is supposed to be WORDS but I control the information.

Great, great, glad to hear it.

Scenario: Teleconference.

Person1: “Hey how are you?”

Person2: “Busy, really busy.”

Person1: “Great Great, glad to hear it.”

Person1 could care less.  It could have been much like this:

Scenario: Teleconference.

Person1: “Hey how are you?”

Person2: “Just came back from your house with your wife.”

Person1: “Great Great, glad to hear it.”

Add some color for me

Decoded: I have no clue what is going on tell me exactly why I am even here and what to do…

It’s coming together

Decoded: I hope this thing ships or my ass is done for…

It Just Works


Scenario: Requirements Meeting

Person1: “Well I have this idea about using Hive to speed up our data analysis.”

Person2: “Great, Great, glad to hear it.  So whats one of the design requirements?”

Person1: “It should just work.”

So here we go…

I need to have these requirements finished in a timely manner such that it adds some color around an effective design so that the coding will proceed swimingly. One of the main requirements is that It Just Works. Think we can get it done?  Absolutely! I think its coming together!

Until then,

Go Big Or Go Home.

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