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In my last post I discussed talent.  Most companies buy companies either for a defensive move or for talent.  Few and far between are the exemplar purchases for intellectual property.  Although it is mandatory you have those ideas at least patent pending with some form of provisional application – yet i digress.

It has become very apparent to me we are heading into a talent shortage.  Specifically in the areas of Data Science.  It reminds me of the glory days of signal processing in the early to mid 90’s.  We couldnt find people who knew how to code a (fast) Fast Fourier Transform let alone think about distributing that processing.  I see Data Science related careers in that same situation.  I also see the physical and soft sciences merging with the two as it pertains to gaining knowledge from the data.  Need to find a lot of people and do not want to outsource it?  Do not have the cash to make a company acquisition?  Call in a team.

The above picture is of the good folks at Blackwater.  Most people or companies do not like mercenaries.  Why? Mercenaries are usually not very fun.  Most people enjoy pithy campy fun.  Mercenary teams are not the type of consultants you find in Office Space.  On the contrary, these guys and gals know what they are doing – get in – get out and move on.  They are expensive but will usually overhaul any situation.  They have a huge amount of experience and are very calm under chaotic conditions.  I am reminded that those who do a dangerous thing with style is a professional.  I see a day when teams of Mad Max Mercenaries are plying their trade on Craig’s List or eBay.  eBay is probably a better venue as then they can have a cover LLC and incorporate subdivisions as needed based upon specialty.  Sound crazy?  Maybe.  Sounds like a possible Idea2Bank to me.

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  • […] Truer words were never spoken.  We haven’t really changed much in our habits via our short time of evolution here on Earth.  Our survival instincts kick in and usually people freak out and do weird stuff.  I could write tomes on the things I have seen people do within times of tech world crisisdom.  There is an old adage “Do Not Panic and You Will Live.”  Most panic and freak out – but those that adapt and hang in there usually win out.  I wrote sometime ago about the The Three “T”s of a StartUp.  I also wrote sometime ago about the companies bidding on talent way before Zuckerburg bid on twitter for teams: Revisiting The Three T’s. I then wrote about the obvious talent shortage and how how we are going to see a swarming affect of teams much like the days of clans in Quake: Mercanaries For Hire. […]

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